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About Us

We started life 1964 at the height of the Baby Boomer Period.

We grew up with bikes, in his younger days he would build and strip bicycles for fun.

Cycling was the only form of transport and he would rides miles each day to and from school, on his paper round and to Sea Cadets.

At the age of 16 he followed his dream to join the Royal Navy and become a submariner. He went on to serve for 17 years as a Sonar Controller on British Nuclear Ballistic Missile Submarines. Completing many on top-secret submarine patrols as a sonar operator and staying underwater for many months.

Although he lived a thrilling life in the Royal Navy, he left service in 1997, packed his bag and relocated to Australia, where bicycle touring became his pastime.

He has completed many cycling tours both in Europe and Australia, with many more on his bucket list.


Our logo and represents joy, enthusiasm, warmth and above all strength.

Spokes are the pivotal piece of a bicycle and although thin provides the bike with its intrinsic strength.